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Sunday, May 15, 2011

It must be rain drops falling from my eyes.

The sun was rising on a dreary day.  It had rained all night, apt for how Audrey felt.  She looked out the window into a grey morning and sighed.  The sidewalk turned an abrupt shade of grey where the patio above her stopped protecting it from the rain.  Water droplets clung to blades of grass, scattering in a shimmer as birds landed, and poked around for breakfast.

Breakfast.  The pit in her stomach made the idea of food unappealing.  Still, if she didn't eat something she'd be in a world of hurt by the time she got to lunch at work.  With all the strength she had, she heaved herself off the window sill and wandered into the kitchen.  The nights events played over and over in her mind.  If even he couldn't have any faith in her then it was little wonder that it felt like the whole world was against her.  Why was she doomed to have to scream, scratch and fight to get anyone to take notice of her?  No matter what happened, no one ever listened to a thing she had to say.

Flakes fell in her bowl, clicking and jostling for space.  Audrey forced herself to blink tired eyes.  The motion caused them to water and she used the back of her hand to wipe them.  They weren't tears, she was too numb to cry now, she'd done that most of the night.

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