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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Want

Thanks to a mention from a friend of mine, I'm looking into DSLR camera's.  I would love to have a great camera for nature shots.  They are very expensive however.  I am battling with the want to have one, and the logical side telling me that there is no possible use and I'd be spending lots of money on.  So far it's just a thought, especially since I haven't found one that I really like.  The Nikon is up there though, and it's the one I always think of.

In other news I have started another baby blanket.  One of the two for my very good friends.  For this one I am using two yarns at once, a white yarn and a multi colored yarn.  It's beautiful so far, looking kind of like an opal and kind of like a snowflake.  :D  That's the best description I can come up with.

I applied for another job the other day.  The opening closes on the 24th, so I doubt I'll hear anything before then.  I may have a chance in hell of getting it, but I'll apply anyway.  Maybe fate will shine on me.  I can only hope, because I want a new job so bad that it's not even funny.   If I could just get a new job I could fix some of the problems plaguing my life, such as i could be happier and nicer to deal with.  That and I would be able to help my roommate with her massive depression.  I don't know how, but I just can't help feeling this would help somehow.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Storms in my Mind

I get very introspective when it rains.  Something about the quiet roll of thunder and patter of raindrops on leaves makes my heart open.  I started thinking about how I'd love to do photography again, after standing on the porch taking shots of glittering water falling from our hanging plant and zucchini flowers.

My grandfather was a photographer, and my dad has always been into it, even if it wasn't professionally.  Last year I was told I had a good eye like my grandpa and I wish I could turn that into a career that I would enjoy.  Then I second guess myself.  I look at my picutres and don't know if they are really any good at all.  No one ever seems to react to them so I don't know if I'm the only one who loves a shot or not.  I also don't really know a darn thing about Photography.

Then I was sitting around listening to some real oldies.  In this world of hip hop, gangsta rap and bad pop we have forgotten about the golden oldies that allowed us to warp music like we have.  Even the old stations that played oldies, now only play a block of music starting in the late 80's and moving forward.  I knew the day would come when the music I grew up with would become "oldies" but I was not prepared for the day when we would lose Buddy Holly, The Zombies and even a good portion of the Beetles.  How can we have forgotten that?  Why does the world assume that no one wants to hear those songs anymore?  I am baffled by this, and I find myself wanting to scoop up the music so that I will still have that part of history to share with my children.  We still have classical stations, why not oldies?

As the world moves forward, I wish some times we'd look back and take a moment to bring something forward again to show the children growing up.  It's their past too and they get cheated quite often.

I'll stop my ranting now and share two pictures I took yesterday after the rain.