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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Want

Thanks to a mention from a friend of mine, I'm looking into DSLR camera's.  I would love to have a great camera for nature shots.  They are very expensive however.  I am battling with the want to have one, and the logical side telling me that there is no possible use and I'd be spending lots of money on.  So far it's just a thought, especially since I haven't found one that I really like.  The Nikon is up there though, and it's the one I always think of.

In other news I have started another baby blanket.  One of the two for my very good friends.  For this one I am using two yarns at once, a white yarn and a multi colored yarn.  It's beautiful so far, looking kind of like an opal and kind of like a snowflake.  :D  That's the best description I can come up with.

I applied for another job the other day.  The opening closes on the 24th, so I doubt I'll hear anything before then.  I may have a chance in hell of getting it, but I'll apply anyway.  Maybe fate will shine on me.  I can only hope, because I want a new job so bad that it's not even funny.   If I could just get a new job I could fix some of the problems plaguing my life, such as i could be happier and nicer to deal with.  That and I would be able to help my roommate with her massive depression.  I don't know how, but I just can't help feeling this would help somehow.


  1. I want a DSLR camera too. I do not have the patience to make blankets. I've tried several times but just can't do it. I prefer to make smaller things like hats, scarves and stuffed animals. I'm working on a Poncho & hat for O to wear this fall. Trying to use up all my yarn I have sitting around the house. Good luck with the job. You deserve a new job.

  2. I haven't learned to make hats yet. I'm working on that though. :) I'm learning to knit so hat's and scarves are on the way. :D I started a little crocheted animal once and just never finished it. I should dig it out and finish it some day.

    No luck on the new job. Never even got a call. I am so used to rejection at this point it didn't even phase me.