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Monday, November 7, 2011

Idle Fingers

I have been writing every day with my roommate since my birthday week.  It feels good to let my fingers flex while my brain tries to regain some of it's writing ability.  The television has gone unwatched so much so that our DVR is running out of space.  hehe.  I think that's a good thing. 

One of the two babies I have been waiting for arrived at the end of October!  She's beautiful and I can't wait for the chance to meet her in person, even if the blanket I am making for her still isn't done.  I have about 12 more squares to make, but I'm out of yarn and money.  So I started working on the other blanket for the other baby I'm waiting on.  Miss Reilly will be getting a very fluffy blanket.  :D  Miss Anisa is getting a very pretty and sophisticated blanket.  At leas that's how it seems to me.  I should take pictures, especially when I get one of them done. 

Yesterday I discovered that I have a kindred spirit in Thomas at work.  It's been a long time since I"ve connected with someone like that.  I showed him some of my art and we talked about losing muses and wishing we still had that spark.  I long for that more than I can even explain.  How I wish I had the time to sit and draw like I used to, or the motivation to finish the book I so dearly want to see done.  I'm not sure how to find that motivation.  It's lost somewhere.  Slowly I think I'm able to kindle a small part of my creativity lately, but motivation is still hard to come by.  Why must I procrastinate so much? 

That is all I have to update. As always my life is a study in grey.  I need to find a way to add more color. 

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