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Saturday, July 9, 2011

No news is good news?

Sometimes I think that no news is bad news.  If all you've had is bad news in the first place then it means nothing has changed.  I have no real news to report. 

I have been on vacation for the last week and it's been awesome.  I got to have fun with many of my friends since I actually had time to do it.  Most importantly though, I finished the rainbow blanket!  The 5 month project has been officially finished.  It's beautiful and I will miss it.  I already feel weird not having it on the sofa next to me and not working on some part of it while watching TV.  But I'm so proud of it and I will be even more proud when I get to hand it over to little Matt.  :)  I hope it means as much to him and his littler girl as it has meant to me to make it.  Now lets see if I'm smart enough to figure out how to post a picture in here. :D 

After finishing the blanket, I knew that I wanted to start my next costume and this week off has allowed me to get a good bit done.  It has two main pieces, the dress and an apron.  The apron is almost finished now. I just have to finish the shoulders then attach the top to the bottom.  After that it's just the embellishments like the ribbon I want to go around it and sewing on the little heart buttons.  Then it's on to the main dress.  That will take much longer.  But hey, one piece is essentially out of the way.

Now for the pictures.  I'll only put up two. 

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