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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The creation of all that I am

The weight is crushing.  These little lives that we have created are nothing more than a dream and yet the weight of their hearts may very well kill me.  Things are out of control, far beyond my reach.  I intended none of this, yet it happened and I must live with the consequences.  Each turn they take endears them more, pushes harder on my heart.  They hurt and I cry real tears.  They triumph and I dance.  I am past connected, I am one with them.  I want all of them to win and none to lose, like children I want only the best.

How is it that I could have created something fictional that effects me so deeply?  Does it effect others the way I hope that it does?  I bear my soul by creating theirs, and I give it freely to be judged because that's what fiction is for.   Is this what I really am?  I hope so.  This is what I always want to be, deep, emotional and fun. 

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