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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter rains

I'm feeling not so insecure and whiney now. :D  This is a very good thing.   Mind you the work situation has not improved any and is probably only going to get worse.  *sighs*  I'm just keeping my chin up and soldiering on.  What's that saying?  Keep calm  and carry on?  Or is it Keep calm and eat a cupcake?  Either way I'm in. :) 

It was nice to have Easter off.  I got the chance to do a massive amount of laundry, read my book and thinking about writing.  Think about, not actually do.  I was planning on doing some, but then other family members showed up and there was cooking and grocery shopping and all sorts of other tasks to be done.  The weather was perfect for writing though.  For me anyway.  I don't know why but rain makes me want to write, it kind of calls to my soul. 

I'm not exactly sure what else I wanted to say.  I'm a little tired from fighting with my memory foam bed topper.  XD  hehe.  I guess that's all for tonight.  The roomy is already in bed so I should probably get out of the living room and turn off the lights so she can sleep. 

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